Tuesday, December 7, 2010


yeah the quality of the upload is really bad so here is the vimeo link


Demo reel!!

Yay!!! my very first demo reel! It's basic, it's 30 secs of some animations that i did this year or so. Mostly cycles and basic movements, gotta start somewhere. It will be updated, mostly after all my dead lines i'll give a shot at other animations that i know can be improved but for now this is it.


ok as i said i'm gonna dump sketches and animations. i don't have time to color most of the drawings, so the best i can do is clean the sketch up put some kind of lineart so yeah don't expect color often. As for animation i'll put works in progress and finish stuff, also modeling and renders, but i'm not so good at modeling.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New links

Ok manage to get the other blogs of my friends on the site, just take a quick look. I'll try to update once a week if i can, might post some stuff tonight :animation or pictures.


Wow! First post! ok. Here is basically where i'll dump my stuff from now on, from sketch to demo reels and other stuff.

Ok Also if your interested in other animation works you can also go check out the work of my other classmates. i'll post up the link somewhere... when i figure how this thing work...